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    Designer series Life style
    • Life Concept conceived by Sidney Huang and designed by Alison Appleton brings you objects inspired by the riches of nature. Made from a variety of materials including glass, new bone china, fine porcelain, stoneware, steel and wood.
    • The use of natural materials speak clearly of their earthly origins and brings a sense of comfort and reassurance that comes with all things organic. .
    • The Life Concept collection with it’s natural, sensitive shapes brings a lightness and strength that will enhance any habitat. Styles may change but the beauty of this collection made with love and care, with a deep connection to nature will endure.
    • Contemporary life can be extremely stressful, busy and lived at a fast pace. To take time to enjoy the ritual of dining with friends or family brings a feeling of fulfillment to us all. Enrich these occasions by using contemporary, beautiful objects with some soul.
    • Let nature’s inspiration in the form of the Life Concept collection flow into your home, bring harmony and enhance the quality of your life.

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