[Cana Young] Wholesale Collagen Black Garlic Jelly - MOQ: 20 Units (1 Carton)

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What it is: Korea black garlic collagen jelly -120g (1 unit consist of 10 packs x 12g)

Why it's unique: The product has an easy-to-eat jelly form with a very pleasant delicious garlic flavor. This product has a high content of fish collagen, a type of collagen with high absorption as compared to other collagen types and it also helps to enhance skin elasticity. At the same time, black garlic extract contains many antioxidants and allicin active ingredients which helps smooth the skin and minimizing external harm to the skin

Product Specification:

MOQ 20 Units ( Each unit contain 10 sticks) (20 units = 1 Carton)
Selling Price Per Unit $6.10
RRP Per Unit $9.10
Net Weight Per Unit
Gross Weight Per Unit 130g
Packaging Type Box with smaller packet inside 
Main Ingredients Black garlic concentrate, fructooligosaccharides, fermented bellflower extract, citric acid, fish collagen peptide, vitamin C, gums, flavor, sucralose, refined water, sugar
SKU NF2102
Shelf Life 36 months 
Storage Type Cool dry place 
Product Origin South Korea

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