Wholesale Spicy Instant Noodle Sample

Wholesale Spicy Instant Noodle Sample

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Interested in selling these products but want to get a taste first? Simply order a full-sized sample bundle set (worth over S$20) and we will have them delivered to your doorstep.

Products included in the bundle:

  1. Ah Kuan Broad Noodle Sour Spicy Chili Oil Flavor (Cup) (阿宽红油面皮酸辣味碗装)
  2. Ah Kuan Broad Noodle Spicy Hot Flavor (Cup) (阿宽红油面皮麻辣味碗装)
  3. Ah Kuan Hot and Spicy Chicken Noodles (Packet) (阿宽中式火鸡面袋装)
  4. Baijia Shanghai Scallion Oil Dry Noodles (大厨上海葱油拌面)

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