Sell products first before even paying for them.

Our 60 days payment terms means you can free up your cash to cover other costs, while still stocking up on new brands to boost sales.

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How does it work?

  • Order now, pay 60 days later

    Applies to all products on Trustana

  • Checkout as per normal

    Select the Pay Later option upon checkout.

  • Get a tailored credit limit

    Based on your business needs (up to S$2k)

  • No fees or penalties

    Credit limit replenishes as you pay off invoices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any registered company in retail or distribution business can apply to leverage on our credit terms.

How much credit limit can I apply for?

Qualified companies will be granted 60 days credit terms starting with a limit of 300 SGD, simply keep a good payment history with active orders and we’ll automatically upgrade you up to a maximum of 2000 SGD.

How can I use it on my order?

Users with an existing account with Trustana may apply as a company. The process is simple, and information required minimum.

What happens after I place an order?

You will receive an invoice with the due date. The invoice has a secure payment link for you to pay by credit card before or on the day it is due.

What happens if I exceed my credit limit?

Our team reviewing the orders may process the order or reach out to you. Once the credit has been utilized, checkout by credit card will be come available until invoices on credit are cleared.

I do not have a credit card, how can I pay my invoices due?

The system requires credit card payments to register payments automatically to clear your credit limit. You may also pay by debit card or any payment method displays on the payment link

What happens if I have issues with payment?

Please reach out to our team at before the invoice due date. We may update your account to prevent transactions on credit until the balance has been cleared.